Xu Dawei 徐大衛

Xu Dawei was born in 1980 in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. He was graduated from Fine Arts of Lishui Agricultural School, Zhejiang in 1999. Xu has studied in the Comprehensive Arts at the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou since 2001. He also finished his study at Berlin Summer University of the Arts in 2004. Currently he lives and works in Shanghai, China.


Xu’s works are concerned with unceasingly changeable relationships between time and space. He juxtaposes artificiality and natural things according to his own logic and understanding of physics. Abandoned buildings, volley wood, broken door, outer space and meteorites nebula... complex and subtle, both conflict and converge together. By creating a fantastic world, Xu conveys his thoughts and psychological dialogues outside of reality, he explores the endless round of birth and death through the dialogical relations between human and nature (or human and objects), which is also a reflection on human existence.