Zhao Yiqian 趙一淺

Zhao Yiqian is a Chinese artist, born in 1982 in Shenyang, in the province of Liao Ning. He graduated in 2006 from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, where he now lives and works.


His works have been exhibited on various occasions by a number of institutions, including Today Art Museum in Beijing, China (2015), Joy Space (Beijing, 2013), The gallery Oxo (London, 2012), MAMM (Moscow, 2012), UCCA (Beijing, 2011), the Temple of Hadrian (Rome, 2011), Chelsey Art Museum (New York, 2011), Expo 2010 in Shanghai, Schoeni Art Gallery (Hong Kong, 2009/2008), Asia Art Center (Taipei, Taiwan, 2008 ), CCRN Museum (Luxembourg, 2008), Pferdestalle des Postfuhramtes (Berlin, 2007).


His work is influenced by Japanese pop culture and reveals his great interest in modernity linked to objects and customs from the West. His artistic training coincided with a period characterised by an economic boom, together with a growing interest in contemporary Chinese art. This was followed by a sudden collapse in the market, a period of recession and a subsequent slow recovery. The uncertainty and anxiety provoked by this situation are reflected in the artist’s works, that are expressed through the representation of static objects, which may be drawn, painted or included in installations.