Zhao Yiqian 趙一淺

Zhao Yiqian, was born in Shenyang, Liao Ning Province, China in 1982. He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing, China in 2006, and works and lives in Beijing now.

He has held his solo exhibition Deja-vu in 2016, Here, Not here in 2013, Living room in 2012, At not in 2012 in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, London and so on. He also took part in many international exhibitions: WHTHIN SIGHT-Chinese New Painting at Post Financial Crisis Era at the Poly Art Museum Taylor in Paris, France, Is circle a shape, or a symbol? At the D-space, in Beijing, China. Besides Zhao Yiqian received the Terna 04 Contemporary Art Prize at the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow, Russia and the Terna 03 Contemporary Art Prize in Rome,Italy. In addition it is to mention, that he has held exhibitions at the The Second “Niubi Newbie Kids” at Schoeni Art Gallery, in Hong Kong, China, Harmony in Diversity-Comatibibility of 19 Cross-Stait Art Spirits at Asia Art Center, in Taipei, China, Anything is Possible at CCRN Museum, in Luxembourg, Your View, My Story, Pferdestalle des Postfuhramtes in Berlin, Germany, etc.