Fung Lik-yan Kevin 馮力仁

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Kevin Fung has lead a double life as a common office workers by day and artist by nights for years. Fung switched from his trained profession of engineering to devoting fully to his art in 2011. 


Fung received his BEng from University of Calgary, Canada in 1987 and later obtained the Diploma of Contemporary Sculpture from University of Hong Kong in 1993, followed by his studies with the renowned sculptor Tong King Sum.


His art represents the daily routines of Hong Kong’s middle class, as well as the challenges and pressures they face. His works illustrate his vision of life. Fung Lik Yan considers the interaction of different walks of life and the daily routine of labour as the fabric of society. Through his works, he also depicts the impact these activities have on the people. In some works, he intentionally represents the figures as toy size and limits the height to about four feet tall. This arrangement allows the audience to view the figures from a higher position, as if they were gods judging from above. Putting viewers under an objective lens, the artist’s works direct them to reflect on their city lifestyles: in this urban modern lifestyle, spending has become the sole purpose of working and earning cash. He thus leads viewers to evaluate their core values in life.


Kevin’s artworks have been on display in the Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition 2005 and other solo and group exhibitions. Kevin expressed his childhood and adult experience living in Hong Kong with beautiful and poetic work in both wood and bronze as his media. His work often expresses the loneliness and anxiety at the cross road of life, lost in directions and choices.


Fung has participated in a number of exhibitions in Hong Kong and mainland China as well as overseas. His works can often be viewed in public spaces such as shopping malls and mass transit station in Hong Kong and mainland China. His artworks have been featured in Contemporary Asian Art in Sotheby’s.


Fung has been appointed by The Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong Government as Museum Expert Adviser on 2014.