Man Fung-yi 文鳳儀

1968  Born in Hong Kong

1999  Master of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

2008  Master of Arts (Daoism), Cultural & Religious Studies, The CUHK Received the Outstanding Academic Performance, on Dean List 08

2008  Part-time instructor of the School of Continuing & Professional Studies, The CUHK

Currently lives and works in Hong Kong





Since 2008, Man Fung-yi's works have developed in different media; such as burnished silk pieces, acrylic paintings, light sculptures and installation. Even though the medium and materials she has been using are different, they all represent the same private and personal philosophy and methodology. Inspired by Yi Jin “Being still and not moving, one would experience and attain the enlightenment of the cosmos", Man Fung-yi uses minimal forms to create the atmosphere of extreme silence, intimacy and softness. She always applies them as a means to purify noise, kaleidoscopic colours and pandemonium so as to reach the state of tranquility.  In other words, she tries to “re-define” the aesthetic philosophy of “Abstractism” in the context of Oriental philosophy, which focuses on primal and deeper essence of life.