Cai Zhisong 蔡志松

Born in 1972 in Shenyang, Cai Zhisong graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1997 and had been a faculty at the Central Academy of Fine Arts between 1998-2008.  Currently working and living in Beijing as a professional artist.


Cai is one of most influential sculptors in China.  He has previously received a number of notable awards including the Gangsong Family Foundation Award, the Taylor prize at the Paris Autumn Salon, the bronze medal of the Tenth National Art Exhibition, China, the President’s Prize at Central Academy of Fine Arts and so on.  He represented China to participate in the 54th Venice Biennale, and was selected by the French magazine ‘Art Actuel’ as the top 100 global leaders in the arts in 2012.  His works have been collected by many museums and institutions including The Rockefeller Foundation, Tyler Foundation, The Newark Museum, Regensburg Museum, Germany, The National Art Gallery in Greece, The National Art Museum of China and many others.  He has broken the highest auction record three times for Chinese artists in the international auction market.