Ma Bing was born in Henan in 1984, and graduated from College of traditional Chinese painting, CAFA. He currently lives and works in Changsha. 


The works Ma Bing exhibits at this exhibition are based on the comparison of literary methodology and the inner logic samples of the history of images. They are the researches and descriptions of text, forms of images, grammar as well as narrative functionality. As a painter and playwright, Ma Bing paints in accordance with his writings, which can be seen in the title of his paintings. He creates with an experimental paintings script, to redefine the source and internal logic of images in contemporary paintings. 


Ma Bing had a solo exhibition ‘Ficciones’ at More or Less Space in Changsha and a solo exhibition ‘There is no God in this territory’ at ESPACE in Shanghai in 2019. He also had an exhibition ‘The dickis so long that it gets dusty when you squat down’ at Another Art Center in 2018 and a solo exhibition ‘Unknown Portrait’ at Yi Dian Space in Beijing in 2016.