Pang Hailong 龐海龍

Born in 1974 in Heilongjiang. Graduated from the Art College of Harbin Normal University and the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University successively, now lives and works in Shanghai. His works have been invited to participate in the 2nd and 3rd Anren Biennale, the 1st Shenzhen Art Biennale, the 4th Art Documenta and other bi/triennial exhibitions, as well as contemporary art exhibitions at home and abroad. In addition, Pang Hailong has organised and curated "Transformation - Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition", Zhujiajiao Contemporary Art Project, 2019 Shanghai Urban Space Art Season in Jiading, and 2021 Shanghai Urban Space Art Season in Xinhua. Pang Hailong has been working on the "Residence and Life" art project, and founded the "Residence and Life" series of art exhibitions and other art projects.
Pang Hailong's rich experience from working as a newspaper reporter to founding a business and then returning to art creation has led him to focus on the reality of existence and art intervention in society as the entry point for his works. The issues he addresses often have a layered relationship of "frontal conflict" and "indirect metaphor" with the various problems accompanying the process of urbanisation and development in society. He is good at intervening in the field of perception of the viewer through the physical translation of materials and media. He provides the viewer with a vision of doing nothing, perceiving the phenomena that can be "perceived" and ignoring the essence that has been "ignored".