Alec Von Bargen 亞歷克・馮・巴根

Alec Von Bargen was born in New York, grew up in the United Kingdom and Mexico, is an exciting artist to the international contemporary art scene of photography.  His photographic art gives reference to historical, political and social issues that express the consciousness of our time.  Alec’s work showcases fine, sharp and static pictures, where audiences are addressed directly and are invited to create a dialogue with their natural surroundings.


Alec gives emphasis to the inner qualities of things, and strings them together with their outer characteristics.  By photographing people in particular historical and social situations, the audience is left to ultimately self-reflect.  Especially in Alec’s portraits, through the character’s eyes, facial expressions, an inner monologue stands out from each picture and a dialogue between the character’s face and the audience takes place.  Alec’s work might be a static picture but it generates profound emotion.


The world we live in is vast, we are surrounded by so many things, but forget to find ourselves, when we really give time to listen to our conscious, the world becomes silent. Leo Gallery hopes Alec Von Bargen's photography exhibition will have audiences create intimate dialogues with themselves.