Ren Zhitian 任芷田

Ren Zhitian is a multidisciplinary artist born in Xishui, Hubei Province. After graduating from Wuhan University in 1989, he has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

His works were part of the group exhibition ‘Confronting Anitya—Oriental Experience in Contemporary Art’ presented at the 55th Venice Biennale. Recent exhibitions include ‘Empty and Elegant’ and ‘Scrip and View’ solo shows at Art Labor Gallery, Shanghai, as well as shows at Time Space, Egg Gallery, Shangyuan Art Center, 798 Space, Art Channel, XYZ Gallery, PIFO New Art Gallery, re-C Art Space, the Tjianjing Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Li-Space, Huantie Times Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, the Seoul Biennale of Calligraphy Art Exhibition, the 1st International Ink Painting Biennale in Shenzhen and the Golden Lianzhou Contemporary Art Exhibition.