Barbara Edelstein 芭芭拉・愛德斯坦

Barbara Edelstein, female, born in Los Angeles, California, USA

MFA, Claremont Graduate University, California, USA

BA,University of California, Santa Cruz, USA


The interface of nature and life serves as the foundation for Barbara Edelstein's artworks. Edelstein brings to focus often overlooked elements of the natural world, and uses her various media as transformative devices. Branches, leaves, water, shadows and reflections are observed in the world, internalized by the artist and translated into poetic interpretations in two and three dimensional artworks. She often employs industrial materials and current technology in combination with traditional techniques such as Chinese ink on paper and bronze sculpture. 


Edelstein's discerning practice of integrating various processes creates seamless discourse and connection across her individual applications. Her process also fosters an array of contrasts - permanent and impermanent, hard and soft, old and new - all of which ultimately impart a sense of quiet reverence for nature. The work as a whole expresses the importance of integrating nature into our everyday lives in order to preserve it. "This series," Edelstein states, "is a conversation between my inner reflections on Nature and the details of Nature that we rarely perceive...Created with different artistic media, these artworks form a poetic dialog between themselves for the viewer to contemplate."