Li Jianfeng 李劍鋒

Li Jian Feng (b. 1976, Guizhou Guiyang, China) joined the Urban Parts Contemporary Artists in Guiyang in 2006.


His works are frequently showcased in group exhibitions, including “Desires and Reality” – Urban Parts Exhibition for Seven Artists (Hangzhou), “Generation Dreams” – Contemporary Art Exhibition (Beijing), “The Fourth Guizhou Youth Artworks Exhibition” (Guiyang) and “Self-image” – First Generation Youth Oil Painting Exhibition (Beijing) (2008); “Real Illusions” – Li Jian Feng and Yang Yu Lin Artworks Exhibition and “Desires and Reality” – Guiyang K11 art village x Urban Parts Contemporary Artists (Singapore) (2007); “From the Summer Capital of Contemporary Art” (Chongqing) and “Taste Region, Vision Document” – Urban Parts Contemporary Artists Exhibition (Guiyang) (2006).


Currently works and lives in Beijing, China.