Liu Shaoyuan 刘少媛

Liu Shaoyuan was born in Guangdong in 1987. She graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute with a master's degree in 2013. She currently works and lives in Guangzhou. 


Elegant and modern, her works of ink and colour on silk seemingly depict nature, but in reality they are full of metaphors. She uses traditional Shanshui landscape symbols and also images of birds and beasts to tell about the human situation, revealing a sort of aesthetic feeling that is both intriguing and poetic. 


She attended the exhibition of "The exploration of post' 80s ink artists 'Your Backpack' "at Jining Art Museum in Shandong in 2020; 'Awakening of Insects: Works by ink artists born after 1985' at Ling Gallery in Beijing in 2020; 'The Poem of Creator' at Shang Rong Gallery in Guangzhou in 2019; 'Sign of the times' at Guangdong Museum of Art in Guangzhou, China in 2019. Her paintings are collected by Guangdong Art Museum, Wuhan Art Museum, Shenzhen Guan Shanyue Art Museum.