Waiting for the Bus to Miss It | Max Huckle Solo Exhibition: Hong Kong

10 January - 18 March 2019

Leo Gallery is pleased to present 13 paintings by Max Huckle.   In the past what attracted people to the art world was how unstructured it was.  Now it is highly academic.  Max Huckle is someone whose practice questions in this direction with a perceptual style and instinct. This contemporary engagement is a strive for liberty.


Max is looking for that one line that will stop the world.   The way he works is the same way you look at his paintings.  It is hasty, powerful and overwhelming.   But then there is that line, that stoke, that gesture which stops the time.   Assembling and dissembling by adding more pieces together or magnifying smaller sections, he plays with dimensions and patterns. Repetition, repetition, then it breaks.


“You miss the bus, but purposely?  Because you saw a billboard promoting a monster-truck show with some legendary American trucks participating nearby in Zandvoort. Now it is in your nose. The whole town around you smells like gasoline.  You breathe in and let it twist in your lungs. It blends with the dust of charcoal.  You feel its weight.  Max looks up and sees the bus doors closing.  He counts 10, 9, 8, 7, 6... the bus is leaving.     He is attacking from all angles, with different speed.  Slow and steady, or fast and in mass. Like looking at things passing outside his favourite bus line 22.  Looking for something in a rush. When I ride, I always try to spot a moose or some other animal between the trees speeding past.  It’s a game I do on my island.”