The Corner | Tøru Harada & Yan Cong Duo Exhibition: Hong Kong

22 July - 15 September 2016

Hong Kong – Leo Gallery is pleased to present The Corner, a duo exhibition by Japanese artist Tøru Harada and Chinese artist Yan Cong. Leo Gallery has been showcasing contemporary art since established. Walking along Queen’s Road West, which splits the Sheung Wan and Sai Ying Pun districts of Hong Kong, small businesses vending mourning incense, dried seafood and Lunar New Year treats are spotted. Situated on the ground floor of SOHO 189 building at the corner along Wilmer Street, Leo Gallery is immersed in the scent and scene of Hong Kong’s local culture. The exhibition will bring together various media of works by Tøru Harada and Yan Cong in starting the dialogues of art that engages with the local culture.



Japanese artist Tøru Harada (b.1980, Miyazaki, Japan) finds inspiration in the streets and takes the abandoned objects as the medium of his creation. He vitalizes these matters and gives them new lives and identities. Graduated from The Central Academy of Fine Arts, Chinese Painting department, Chinese artist Yan Cong (b.1983, Hubei, China) is passionate the comic creation that relates to daily life and social activities. Their works are able to reveal life’s pain and gain vividly. In order to discover the new parts of the world, are you willing to go around the next corner to explore more? 



Opening reception: 6 pm - 8 pm, Thursday 2016.7.21