Migration Group Exhibition: Hong Kong

16 June - 30 August 2015

Hong Kong - Leo Gallery will present a group show featuring 4 international artists: Heung Kin-fung Alex, Hu Renyi, Jorge Mayet, and Zhang Ning all of whom create art works in different mediums that highlight issues such as identity, authenticity and modernity. Each artist addresses these issues by creating a unique visual rhetoric of their own migration experiences; in tandem they examine the sense of replacement and displacement in travelling across today’s multi-cultural world.


Migration, gives light to modern day society, where many people choose or are forced to relocate from one place to another.  Each artist, through different mediums, explores the journey and challenges of migration, and comments on how the emotional impact of mixing cultures, traditions and beliefs can add to the struggle of assimilating to a new community, where the feeling of displacement, alienation and loneliness can result.



Artists: Heung Kin-fung Alex, Hu Renyi, Jorge Mayet, and Zhang Ning

Opening reception: 6 pm - 8 pm, Tuesday 2015.6.16