Bian Qing was born in Tianjin in 1983, and graduated from the College of Fine Arts, Minzu Universityof China in 2009. He currently lives and works in Beijing. 


His works are based on the themes of 'Shanshui', or Landscape of the Chinese paintings, but they are not limited to the general sense of Shanshui landscape paintings. Hede-constructs the various elements in traditional landscape paintings with the concepts of contemporary art, then reconstruct them by sketching the outline, adding textural strokes, rubbing, dotting and colouring and recreating a unique aesthetic conception of contemporary 'landscapes'. 


He had a solo exhibition 'Mountain Wave' at Asia Art Centre in Beijing in 2017; a solo exhibition "Qi" at Ginkgo Art Center in Beijing in 2016; a solo exhibition "Anthology of Hidden Mountains" at China International Gallery Exposition in Beijing in 2014; a solo exhibition "Something from Nothing" at Today Art Museum in Beijing in 2012.