Mou Huan (born in 1959, graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts and Dusseldorf Art Academy, Germany) studied with Joerg Immendorff, the world-renowned neo-expressionist art master. Treading between the Chinese and the Western cultures, he has been influenced by the profound heritage in Chinese art as well as German neo-expressionism. With both influence expressed in his painting, his works are characterized by grand narrative, existence and nihility, and poetic temperament in the deep.


Mou Huan's works in recent years presents, in a concise yet evocative artistic language, his own individual angle on and interpretation of current society. His works diverse range of topics, spanning the environment, the New Cold War and humanistic concerns, offers snapshots of symbolism of quotidian life and laying bear the reality of society, making the viewer a witness to our time, an indispensable position for a world beset with confusion, crises, and conflict.


Mou Huan's works defies simple categorization into any set school or trend. With their roots in simplicity and poetry, his works are devoid of unnecessary strokes yet rich with deeply personal, thought-provoking depictions and woven with metaphors and symbolic representations, opening up room for imagination and new experience for the viewer as part of his focus on realizing spiritual collision between paintings and viewers. In doing so, he creates a more expansive, innovative approach to painting and artistic interpretation in general: the realistic significance of marrying the East and the West.