AUCKLAND ART FAIR 2019: Leo Gallery | Booth B9

1 - 5 May 2019 

  Dong Dawei, Huang Yan, Li lei , Li Yiwen, Qian Jiahua,Tøru Harada, Tan Ping,Yan Bo, Yuan Keru、 Zhang Jian-jun, Zhao Yiqian


        Venue:The Cloud, Queens Wharf, Auckland CBD

  VIP Preview & Opening Night :2019.5.1 5pm-9pm
  Public Day:
  2019.5.2-5.3 11am – 5pm
  2019.5.4-5.5 10am – 5pm
  Cross Section - A New Perspective on Asian Contemporary Art
  Established in 2008 and consisted of two spaces in Shanghai & Hong Kong, Leo Gallery is respected for being a progressive force in nurturing young and representing established contemporary artists regardless of nationality.
  Leo Gallery participates in Auckland Art Fair for the first time in 2019 with the exhibition “Cross Section - A New Perspective on Asian Contemporary Art”, featuring works of Eleven Asian artists including Dong Dawei, Huang Yan, Li lei, Li Yiwen, Qian Jiahua, T?ru Harada, Tan Ping,Yan Bo, Yuan Keru, Zhang Jian-jun and Zhao Yiqian.
  Contemporary art in China and Asia has undergone tremendous changes in the past three decades, which is closely related to the rapid development of economy and culture in the region. It also genuinely reflects the entire transformation of social cognition, as the interpretation of contemporary art works is inseparable from the related social, political and cultural backgrounds.
  Combining painting, photography, sculpture, video and other works of art, the exhibition starts from a new microscopic perspective of “Cross Section”, exploring different meanings brought by the artworks under the theme, in order to offer the viewers diverse possibilities to appreciate Asian contemporary art.