Hu Renyi's Solo Exhibition Immortal Palace Open at Chi K11 Museum, Shanghai

Opening: 2016.12.19 6pm

Immortal Palace


In the real world there are always ways to exchange object identity besides mimicking. Skepticism produces reality, although can be contradicted by magic, myth, religion, dreams, etc. I will always remain skeptical of a viewpoint perceived as "real" for it is rather a "representation". Taking this further I began to discover just how the distance between reality and the mere representation of reality could be, as the reality of today is simply just a reflection of the past.


“Immortal Palace” inspired by Plato’s shadow theory from “The Allegory of the Cave”,  it also representing individual identities from the spaces.


The reality of extraterrestrials has long been considered a U.S. government secret mainly due to the monopoly of capitalists in the world economy who control all the politics, technology, science and weapons. They murder scientists, doctors and scholars at will while further stripping humans of their freedoms. It is an artist's responsibility to transfer information, although for every murder or revoked freedom that takes place information pathways are being simultaneously destroyed. 


Artist: Hu Renyi

Opening Reception: 2016.12.19 6pm

Address: Chi K11 Museum, K11 Art Mall, 300 Middle Huaihai Road, Shanghai


December 15, 2016