Guten Appetit! | Patricia Waller Solo: Hong Kong

13 May - 30 June 2021

Let's taste art with your eyes!

Leo Gallery
 is proud to present “ Guten Appetit! ”, the debut Hong Kong solo exhibition of Patricia Waller. As a renowned crochet master in Europe, Ms Waller is the first artist who uses crochet art to present avant-garde and modern cold humour in European art history.

Born with a German way of reflective mind, Waller put forward a question in the early 1990s: can art get rid of the shackles of conventional techniques or machinery and return to handcrafts? At the time when virtual art is the main stream, should the value of manual work be regained? Waller’s choice is crochet art, but she mentioned: “To be honest, I don’t know even how to knit a pair of socks.” So what is she knitting? Humanity, she said. With different varieties of “humanities” knitted by her magical needle, she faces the inner abyss in a very gentle way. Her works are amused at first sight, bloody and cruel at the second, but also convincing when you look at it at the third glance.