In Common: Hong Kong

23 July - 15 September 2020

Leo Gallery is delighted to present “In Common”, a solo exhibition by Chinese Contemporary artist Xiao Jiang, showcasing a series of 16 oil paintings. 


Xiao’s works are often reminiscent of paintings by American realist artist, Edward Hopper. If Hopper’s paintings captured the character’s melancholy state of solitude, then Xiao’s works are a demonstration of their tediousness in daily life.  


“This series is derived from my daily life and personal experiences: faces under dimmed lights, people wandering among the mountains, they’re relaxing, napping, or appreciating the landscape… I would like my artworks to be less straightforward, they appeared to be ordinary yet are in fact with a hint of implication. This helps leaving rooms for audiences to have their own interpretation. With a bit of life attitude, all the ups and downs are in fact ordinaries.” – Xiao