YI: Hong Kong

14 May - 30 June 2020

Leo Gallery is delighted to present YI, the first Hong Kong solo exhibition of contemporary Chinese artist Duan Yifan


Lacquer has become the foundation of Duan’s works since his graduation. It is a traditional material with long history of nearly 8,000 years and a profound cultural background. Mastering lacquer paint requires high level of skills, Duan has spent years to build up a strong foundation and started his artist independent creation in the second half of the pursuit of his Master’s Degree, gradually formed the series of artworks presenting in this exhibition.


Timelessness is the key characteristic of Lacquer arts. As time goes by, due to light and oxidization, the color and brightness of the art pieces change gradually.  They become more translucent and their brightness is heightened. Although these changes may be subtle, they seem to bring life. This is why lacquer paint can be so fascinating to the artist. 


Duan’s works are the combination of the lacquer artand his personal experience; and at the same time exploring the relationship between ancient materials and modern art, creating a new visual form and idea that differ from the usual.


 “An artwork should be able to speak for itself. We learn from the ancient craftsmanship instead of copying them. 


My creation process is a repeated pattern of coloring, grinding and polishing. While performing back and forth adjustments, it echoes our daily life routine, reflecting a rhythm of modern life. It effects industrialized production with repeated procedures. The formation of the artpieces emphasizes the existence of individuality, but differentiates from unemotional industrialized productions. From this series of creation, I hope to debilitate the sense of original craftsmanship of Lacquer arts.  I wish the viewers to be able to sense my core idea and every part of my works can be the visual center. This allows the whole creation to become more complete and concrete, visions are also widened. “ – Duan Yifan