「Tell Me」Something About Tomorrow: Max Huckle Solo Exhibition

9 May - 6 June 2020

Max Huckle’s workflow can be pictured as a dot on a large spiral, constantly moving along.

He continuously strives to develop his work to a yet for him undefined point of satisfaction, which at the same time, when he reaches that point, sets him back to point zero. Another work circle is about to begin. His works show greatvariation from large scale paintings, to small drawings - nevertheless, two common features become apparent:

Lines - lines divide. lines connect. lines structure space.

Fortuitous material - He prefers to work with what falls into his hands.

His work pattern is based on contingency - he follows his intuition to discover something new by chance and at the same time, apart from painting as a physical need, it is a tool to understand life - resulting in paintings depicting his emotional landscape.