Lost and Found —— Doris Ernst Solo Exhibition: Leo Gallery Online Showroom

26 March - 30 June 2020

Dreams can keep on continual journey and see different wonders in the world.


A longing in childhood guided Doris Ernst into a profession which required constant travel, and finally brought her into the palace of art. Every few years, Doris would move to a different city according to her working arrangements, fathom the situations there and get into intense work. For most people, being able to work all over the world seems like going on constant free journeys. However, in her working circumstances, Doris needs to handle various relationships simultaneously in a tense rhythm, and what’s more, to face international catastrophic events.A life experience in New York opened a path to liberty and art in Doris’s spiritual realm.


In the numerous galleries and art exhibitions in New York, she gradually found herself and saw the role of life in this complicated world. Doris's works clearly show the special traces of contemporary design and art. The Bauhaus-centric line structure and the logically meticulous linear system are combined with superimposed layers of plane structures and form a unique visual dimension. Within the seemingly endless permutations, each individual organism exists on a huge chessboard in a traceable way, seeming like different modern cities. Like the staggered lines on a city map, colors express various worldviews. From the prosperous modernity of New York to the dense vegetation of Africa, from the simplicity of Northern Europe to the traditionality and implicity of the East. It seems that some kind of metaphors and dramatic properties that are common in Renaissance works appeared in Doris’s art. Black lines are used extensively to cover the surface in many works. Different forces are surging under very controlled emotions. Seemingly substantive sharp sights pierce the canvas and reach some kind of abyss. Some kind of deep but hopeful power peers into the inner heart from the paintings. Order and agility are presented on seemingly crazy lines simultaneously. When you get close to these works, it seems th at you are able to probe into the humanity emanating naturally from each unique individual at any time.


The exhibition selected nearly forty Doris Ernst’s works during 2017 to 2019 to open Leo Gallery’s first online exhibition in 2020. Doris will also donate the proceeds of four works in the exhibition to Wuhan, which is affected by Coronavirus, to express her love and support for the people in the catastrophic area.