Wander in Style | Pop-Up Exhibition : Hong Kong

24 May - 31 July 2018

Leo Gallery Hong Kong is very pleased to present an exhibition “Wander in Style” in Little Tai Hang on 24th May 2018. Not only art is performed as a decoration or accessory in life, art is life. This time, “Wander in Style” attempts to build a quiet but intimate conversation with the viewers through the works of two young artists—Cheuk Wing Nam and Han Jinpeng—in hopes of pulling our audience away from the daily hustle and bustle, beginning to gently experience the taste and joy of life with art by their side, and finally enjoying the vast universe and everything that entertains the eye.


Cheuk Wing Nam’s installation makes masterful use of sound and light to create an immersive environment that stirs feelings of anxiety and urgency. Inside each fluorescent yellow-lit glass bottle is a swiveling plastic piece that sounds the glass at different frequencies. The sound sculpture is visually evocative of moths to a flame, desperately seeking what will be their deaths, or fireflies in a jar, struggling to get out. Standing amidst this alcove of white noise, one is as if another fragment enclosed by a veil of sound.


Influenced by his formal academic training background, Han Jinpeng expresses a strong enthusiasm towards the classic. Meanwhile, the urge for mobility goes deep in his bone and that’s why he always wants to embed it in his own intuition as well as style. Video art is therefore undoubtedly a form of media for both the static and dynamic, providing Han with a larger space to build up his imagination. With the passion for the classic paintings, and the insights gained in his daily life, he conveys a kind of disturbed emotion through every nuance of his facial expressions.


Wandering between thought-provoking artworks that include installation and video, our audience can experience a vibrant and interactive journey with a taste of elegance.



Opening Reception: 2018.05.24 (Thursday) 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Exhibition VenueThe Hang Space @ Little Tai Hang Hotel

                            98 Tung Lo Wan Road, Tai Hang, Hong Kong