STONE II | Shi Zhiying Solo Exhibition: Hong Kong

26 March - 12 May 2018

Leo Gallery Hong Kong is very pleased to present “STONE II”—a continuation of Chinese artist Shi Zhiying's previous theme on "STONE". Having her exquisite observation and perception of the gravel, the exhibition will bring viewers into a dilemma of losing focus with no centre point to glance over but still catching up on the smallest details through the changes in Shi’s strokes and colours.


For the purpose of presenting a scene that embraces micro and macro coexistence, the artist conveys an ongoing relationship between the “appearing” and “disappearing” of the stones in the nature and the paint on the canvas. Shi believes ever since the moment her brush touched the canvas, a motion underneath that could extend infinitely started. It intersects with the layer of stones and that of the paint continuously, until the very last minute in the process of painting.


Art is a tremendous illusion, yet it can bridge us to the truth,” said Shi.


The way Shi illustrates the stones as if she is constructing a new universe—regardless whether or not that is her intention in the first place—she creates the ambience for the audience to contemplate in a state of simplicity. Not only does she reject to put emphasis on the differences between every stone, but she also takes it further by erasing any possible disparity in terms of their physical characteristics, and therefore the objects she draws become all unified as the same content weighing on the same medium.