Reflections of the Layer | Ryuta Suzuki Solo Exhibition: Shanghai

6 January - 3 March 2018

“Layer”, the source of creation of Japanese artist Ryuta Suzuki,

Reflects in his creations combining the techniques of screen printing with those of Japanese Ukiyo-e woodcut prints,

His patterns of expression as a superposition of surfaces, lines and colours of different styles,

The solid visual effects which is shaped by tier upon tier of layers,

Metaphors of multi-dimensions.


The exhibits can be seen as a layer itself,

While the exhibition can be seen as a layer as well,

When two comes together, the combination of both the exhibits and the exhibition generates a new layer,

And eventually, the interpretations by different audience, again, give birth to new different layers.


People tend to equate the exhibition as its exhibits, and under such a state of mind, put their focuses on the exhibits only.

But the significance of an exhibition is to explore the effects of exhibits shown in different spaces,

To construct an art field by both the exhibits and the space,

As well as to build a bridge of dialogue between the audience and the exhibits.

Guiding the audience not to limit their focuses on a particular exhibit but to feel the exhibition field as a whole, and to follow the genuine and direct feelings on the spot,

Is what the exhibition Reflections of the Layer hopes to bring to the audience.

By showcasing Ryuta’s work of layers, the exhibition hopes to provide more perspectives of the way of viewing for the audience.