Instant Image | Soft Power 2016 Female Artists Group Exhibition: Shanghai

3 July - 28 August 2016

The linguistics of image and word are distinctive. When images leap to the human eyes, they show the surface of this world to us. Apparently, images do not have to go through barriers like words do; they can go beyond various languages and cultures in a natural manner. One does not need to learn and master certain symbols when looking at the images.


However, considering the inspection and analysis of images, they are more complicated and of subtle dissidence compared to words. The atlas of knowledge and the transformation of symbols are hidden inside the images; all bring viewers into inner scopes that cannot be seen on the surface. Via the subjective inspections, images are shown in new different forms and meanings endlessly, and express the discussion with its original ideas. 


Time is considered to be a form of existence by itself. But the knowledge and reflection of time will inevitably lead human beings to their own dilemmas. Time always flies, and it never stops. In the art field, artists attempt to seize the momentary things by creating images in the time flow that can never be rewound, but these efforts will not all go in vain. During the creation, demonstration, observation and interaction, artworks divide time into sentimental areas of endless dimensions which exist in perceptions, understandings, explanations, retrospections and expectations.


In some sense, each moment can be infinity. In other words, the future exists in the present. All presentations of things in the future are definitely determined by one specific moment. The complication and subtleness of this logic are gone beyond the area constructed by reason and order. The artistic expressions created in the form of images and the following objects already includes endless possibilities and cognitive forms that nurture endless concepts.


- Dai Zhuoqun, the curator



Artists: Lin Jiayue, Li Shurui, Shi Zhiying, Song Jiayin, Wu Di, Yuan Keru, Zhu Tian

Opening reception: 5 pm - 7 pm, Saturday 2016.7.2