Metamorphosis | Cang Xin Solo Exhibition: Shanghai

19 July - 28 October 2014

Dark life (sculpture)—Dark consciousness (acrylic painting)—Zero state thinking (carbon), these three concepts intertwine with each other closely and ultimately form a visual reflection which reveals a dynamic field of energy.


Dark life is my expression of the life in the universe. In my view, the universe is a unity of wisdom and self-perfection and ceaselessly generates all the energies. In the universe, through the appearing, growing and declining of energies, life constitutes only one part of the energy cycle. In my art creation, I create the organism subjectively and try to express the rule of the universe.


Dark consciousness exists in the negative space—an area beyond the human perception and contains the information and energy of the dark consciousness.


Although one could hardly perceive its existence, the dark matter constitutes the main part of the universe.


Building up the source of life, energies are consisted of “consciousness” and “spirit”. The “consciousness” and “spirit” exist in the universe ubiquitously, therefore the dark consciousness subtly influencing ways of generating of the organism.


Zero state thinking is highly related to the critical experience. To be specific, through a critical point, we could reach the critical state, or, the zero state point. For instance, the zero state between negative and positive; the moderate degree between cold state and hot state; the half asleep between sleep and awake; the tranquility beyond happiness and sadness; the fraternity between love and hate; the sexlessness transcends male sex and female sex; the lightning before death; the law of causality of Buddhism; the karma between internal and external causes—all these examples could be recognized as the critical points. The critical experience forms zero state thinking, as well as uncovering the essence of matters.