Painting = Box | Martin Wehmer Solo Exhibition: Shanghai

31 October - 12 December 2015

Martin Wehmer, born 1966 in Blankenstein j. Hattingen, Germany. Martin Wehmer is by almost any definition a painter—and one who embraces the traditional craft of his medium by way of extraordinary skill on the one hand, and by his concise and intellectual investigations, pursued with equally extraordinary diligence, on the other. His philosophical conviction explicates the relevance of the work of the artist in his socio-political square. His work originates from the annals of art history, specifically concerning itself with material, picture, plane, and space—issues distinctive to painting. Wehmer is a manufacturer of an artifice that relies on a socially relevant commodity that stays connected through his personal desire and his predisposition. His intention is not to dematerialize nor contextualize the art to advance how we define art-making today, but he consciously embraces the restrictive property of painting. The painting therefore dictates the artistic activity that has produced it and becomes a fetishistic object of desire.


"Painting = Box” is a comprehensive solo exhibition. In Martin’s opinion, a box is like a sampler that includes different kinds of elements; likewise, a painting is like a box: including and conveying different kinds of messages. By comparing a painting to a box, Martin is telling us that, the way to paint should be multi-dimensional, as well as the way to look at a painting. His painting technique is also noticeable: using a painting knife, he gives his painting firm silhouettes that make the paintings like sculptures, heavy and mysterious. Appreciating Martin’s paintings, audience can get to know his philosophy of art.



Opening reception: 5 pm - 7 pm, Saturday 2015.10.31