New Force Vol.5 - Personal Schema in Metaphor Group Exhibition: Shanghai

13 March - 8 May 2016

Chinese contemporary art has already gone through 30 years of difficult journey. The growth of consumerism within China has been developing rapidly. People spend money recklessly as if they are enjoying themselves in a carnival. On the other hand, it appears that these people are going to struggle before the judgment day. Televisions are filled with entertainment programmes. But, scholars and professionals with conscience and ideals never fit within the public discussion, which is overwhelmed by these entertaining topics.

In 30 years, the economic development and information consumption in China have been rising dramatically. However, there is a lack of progress in both liberal spirit and social value orientation. Many non-local artists choose to live in the sub-urban areas near 798 Art Centre, which is located at the fifth ring in Northeast Beijing. They live in an environment where frequent smog and traffic jam occur. Furthermore, they have to suffer from the panic and pressure of possible house demolition. People are eager to express themselves and have their voices to be heard.

The 4 artists of this exhibition were born in the 1970’s and the 1980’s, not only do they live in a poor environment where light and heat supplies are unstable, but also suffer from occasional anxiety and the threat of complicated social power. They received high education in the art fields, and they are skillful, passionate and acute. After leaving the academy, they have lived a drifting life and look for a way to express themselves in their wandering life. Under this cruel reality, stunning schema was born. It belongs to the honour of the artists, but it also reflects society’s problems nowadays.



Curator: Cang Xin 

Artists: Chang Liang, Chen Chunmu, Li Jianfeng and Yan Heng

Opening reception: 5pm - 7pm, Saturday 2016.3.12