At First it was Extremely Narrow | Zhuo Xiong: Zhuo Xiong Solo Exhibition | Shanghai

22 April - 25 June 2023
Leo Gallery proudly presents Zhuo Xiong’s solo exhibition ‘At First It Was Extremely Narrow’, showing from April 22 to June 25, 2023. The exhibition is of a selection of paintings most representative of the artist’s oeuvre from 2016 to the present - it is the first complete selection of the artist’s creative context in China within recent years.
Zhuo’s long term study of how private memories and impressions merge with the experienced reality of people at the bottom of society is thematically reflected in his experimental use and study of easel materials and painting tools.
The artist’s childhood in the pastoral fields of Inner Mongolia combined with several changes to his cultural environment in his creative career thus far has set apart Zhuo Xiong’s mixed media artworks from the established aesthetic frameworks and material attributes of contemporary abstract painting. From long term social observations and instant translations of emotions into art, he creates a visual vocabulary which both expresses and secludes.
The exhibition aims to create parallel and positional connections between the artworks through their placement within the Leo Gallery space - whether their positions are extremely narrow or incredibly wide from each other.