Basmat Levin Painting Exhibition: Hong Kong

7 October - 15 November 2014

BASMAT LEVIN | Born in Jerusalem, Israel. Studied drawing, painting, sculpture, video and computer graphics. Recipient of the Charles Revson Fellowship from the New York Studio School of Drawing and Painting.


“I became acquainted with Basmat’s work before ever meeting the artist herself. What struck me immediately about her paintings were the strong, vibrant palettes and full and expressive brushwork. Yet from beneath the bold exterior of colors and broad strokes, one can sense deep feelings and an unyielding strength that comes from endurance of suffering and frustration yearning to explode out of the canvas.


When I finally met Basmat, I was overwhelmed by her open and animated nature, so similar to her artwork. Now when I view the portraits she has painted, regardless of their history or ethnicity, I feel that I am looking at the artist herself.”

Leo Li, Founder of Leo Gallery