Patricia Waller | Christmas Special Edition: Shanghai

16 - 26 December 2021

Patricia Waller is regarded as the first artist in the history of European art to use crochet work to express the dark humor of the modern avant-garde. Her works have been selected to be exhibited in the Parliament Hall in Berlin, Germany, for being highly relevant and avant-garde in the social issues they discuss in the themes. After Waller's critically acclaimed exhibition in September, her whimsical crochet work is back in the warm holiday season! Patricia Waller: Christmas Special Edition will bring you a humorous and immersive experience during the holiday season.


In Waller's most iconic series "Eat Art", the artist upturns the traditional sensory channels through which the audience can access art. The carefully crocheted meal becomes a feast of art, visually - the viewer enjoys Waller's whimsical creations with sight rather than taste. This series of creative inspiration originates from Waller's reflection on the relationship between the value of artworks and the social attributes of the art space where they are located.

Through the exhibition, viewers will be able to explore the humorous wisdom and social reflections behind Waller's wonderful art world through the audio guide, the immersive experience, and the interactive tour.