Group Exhibition of Leo Gallery Artists: The Expanse: Shanghai

10 November - 12 December 2021
Leo Gallery is proud to present The Expanse, a group exhibition of our gallery artists. This exhibition brings together the latest works by Chen Kai, Ge Yajing, Liu Zhengyong, Li Yiwen, Mou Huan, Martin Weimer, Frank M·Shih, Zhao Yiqian, Zhuo Xiong and Zhang Ning.
"Expanse" means a wide and open area. It can also symbolize the spiritual territory of artists. Artistic creation asks, also drives the artists to retreat into their own inner space and open up the possibilities contained in the vast inner world through internal dialogues - a practice  that itself forms the particular field and related context of art, facilitating the emergence of. an expanse of land which harbors the creative minds. Though varied in the creative background, artistic styles and mediums, the works presented in this exhibition are all from the artists' honest dialogue with the history of their own identities, and the persistent questioning into their cultural memories. Through this exhibition, we hope to take the viewers into "the expanse" - individually different yet all complex and rich spiritual worlds of Leo Gallery artists.