BOLOGNAFIERE SH CONTEMPORARY 2014: Leo Gallery @ Bolognafiere SH Contemporary 2014

Shanghai Exhibition Center, No. 1000 Yan'an Road Middle, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China, 12 - 14 September 2014 

VIP Day: 2014.9.11

Public Days:  2014.9.12 - 14



Koon Wai-bong (Hong Kong, China)

Lee Chin-fai Danny (Hong Kong, China)

Zhang Jian-jun (Shanghai, China)



In this group exhibition, Lee Chin-fai Danny, Koon Wai-bong and Zhang Jian-jun brought in different elements to interpret the beauty of nature.


Koon Wai-bong specializes in Chinese ink,  Koon's strong desires in exploring traditional Chinese Painting and its sublime aesthetics can be seen in his precise brushwork and tranquilized landscape paintings.


Excel in integrating his work with space, Lee Chin-fai Danny created 3-dimensional sculptural works in stainless steel which engage viewers to abandon their pace of hustle and bustle, and to enjoy the contemplation of landscape re-incarnated in our own city.


It has been a lifelong pursuit for Zhang Jian-jun to emulate the nature of water in his work,  Formless, ever-changing, mesmerizing yet ephemeral.  Zhang’s work captures the spirit of water in a style that is contemporary at the same time traditional, embracing eternity and exuding power, echoing eastern brushstrokes but also western abstract expressionism.