West Bund Art & Design 2021: Artist | Lin Yan

11 - 14 November 2021 

Leo Gallery is honored to present Lin Yan's solo exhibition at west Bund Art and Design.

This exhibition focuses on Lin Yan's new works in the past two or three years, which continue to show her attention to global ecological changes, and showcases the changes in her creative thinking in the post-epidemic context. The series of works such as 202003 and Summer are mostly small-scale works created by Lin Yan under the circumstance of staying at home during the epidemic. They record Lin Yan's daily life with unvarnished language, and serve as visual documentary of the global disaster, environmental threat and subsequent political and cultural changes of mankind. The creation of Beijing Gateway partially came from Lin Yan's rare opportunity to live in Beijing for a long time. Starting from the dialogue between the work itself and the outside environment, it shows Lin Yan's new attempt in the collision of materials used in her artworks.

Through the theme closely connected with the surrounding natural ecology and the technique of radiating the charm of the material itself, Lin Yan intends to provoke the awareness of connecting ourselves to nature, and to repair and reconstruct the harmonious relationship between humans and the universe. The sincere emotion, as well as simple philosophical attitude underneath Lin Yan's oriental touch undoubtedly provides a gateway of serenity and self-exploration for the viewers.


West Bund Art & Design 2021

Leo Gallery Booth: A215  



Lin Yan 


Duration 2021.11.11 - 11.14

Venue  West Bund Art Center, 2555 Long Teng Avenue,  Xuhui District, Shanghai


VIP Preview

2021.11.11Thu.13:00 - 19:00

2021.11.12Fri.12:00 - 13:00

Public Days

2021.11.12Fri.13:00 - 18:00

2021.11.13Sat.12:00 - 18:00

2021.11.14Sun.12:00 - 18:00