Nanjing Art Fair International 2020 - Wu Ding Solo Project: The world is being reorganized in different ways

Nanjing International ExpoCentre (No.300,Jiangdong Road,Jiangdong DistrictmNanjing), 26 - 29 November 2020
Nanjing International ExpoCentre (No.300,Jiangdong Road,Jiangdong DistrictmNanjing)

The world is being reorganized in different ways, and things tend to synchronize with each other. This new situation completely broke the laws of physics, however, it is an irreversible trend in an orderly area. Visible objects, perceivable objects, and imaginable objects, are all classified and thus our connection with the world is established. A sequencer that is precise in operation does not generate the real rhythm. Only when people know nothing about the reality can they approach it in an infinite way.

This kind of reality originates from a tiny dot, a dot which is said to appear with the swinging of a golf stick. A series of vertical and horizontal movements of the body aggregate the ‘sweet dots’ of the white ball in full speed. As we all know, the shape of the white ball is related to the turbulence and airflow diversion caused by the flow of the sphere. It makes the sphere draw a string in the air, and at the end of the string, another starting point will be formed...

People call this sense of ritual, that goes from a starting point to another starting point, a gathering of the circular constant.

When the gathering comes to an end, they open their eyes. That magnificent statue still stands. Everyone begins to make more statues with the same shape but in different proportions. This is a cyclical strategy that repeatedly invokes the realization of its own structure. So they returned to the origin from spiral structures that are nested into each other...


Most of Wu Ding’s works have titles that are long, awkward-sound and sometimes even incomprehensible, such as “People Describe the World, yet the World Remains as It Is Shown”, “The Real Rhythm Does not Come From an Accurate Sequencer”, “The Sequence of All Forms Is Associated in the Speed of No Rule”, “After the Vertical Movement of the Associated Loop”, “Permanent Transcoding: Formal Nomadism”, ”Accelerate, From a Pole”, “Reverse and Drift Towards Monotony”…
For years, his works have been concerned with the “inner order” within time and space, aspiring to explore the relationships between images, images and texts, installation works and the exhibition space...providing a possibility to explore the essence of the world in the perceptions of multiple dimensions.

With a cold, symbolic visual language, he fuses concepts within the visual medium, the image surface that is both independently created and at the same time connected organically manifests a poetic and symphonic polyphonous effect through the display of different forms, creating a distinctive context and system in relation to the material world. He hopes that viewers will be able to experience, in his works, the material essence of this world we live in.