ART BASEL HONG KONG 2015: Nature and Beyond | ZHANG JIAN-JUN

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong, 15 - 17 March 2015 

VIP Days: 2015.3.13 - 14

Public Days: 2015.3.15 - 17


Art Basel Hong Kong – Leo Gallery will present Shanghai-born artist Zhang Jian-Jun’s work, Nature and Beyond at Art Basel HK this year. Being one of China’s more prominent Chinese contemporary ink artists, Leo Gallery will be exhibiting a collection of Zhang Jian-Jun’s most recent ink paintings. In this collection, Zhang explores the imagery of water, capturing an image of eternity in an exciting and dynamic way. 


To Zhang, the flow of water integrates the East and West, and connects the past, present and future.  In recent years, Zhang has created the “Rubbing Sun” and the “Rubbing Rain” collections, extending his depiction of water.  As Zhang notes: “By rubbing fire with water, I want to express a kind of correspondence and balanced harmony. The same applies to the ‘Rubbing Rain’ series.  Just like water, rain is a delicate yet concrete image that has with it a macroscopically metaphysical ideal. It is similar to the core of traditional Chinese culture—flowing transition, a status wandering between reality and abstraction to form a poetic conception, which is art.”


For a long time, Zhang Jian-Jun has been featuring the different forms of water in his artworks, he combines the Eastern way of thinking with contemporary visual art media. This unique visual approach was inspired by his living experience in Shanghai and New York, where the different cultures influenced his artistic creations. Through the contemporary interpretation made by the artist, the traditional Chinese ink painting technique in this collection has rippled, flows in time and space towards the future.